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Thread: CWL Invite Breakdown

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    CWL Invite Breakdown

    In these top clans, I'm wondering why they aren't putting only all th12s. Wouldn't that be better than including th11s and lower?

    (Now, as a th9 going to th10 soon, of course I'd love to be in CWL but I'm just curious)

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    What do you mean? In champs 2 we faced almost all clans that were only fielding 15 th12s. The one or two we faced without had only one th11 each at the bottom of the map. Id bet that every clan in champs 1 this CWL plays all th12s.

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    He must mean, champion war league, not our cwl.

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    I think a big part of it is slow progression, and the slow shrinking of that kind of arranged/league war scene.

    They’ve only just started phasing out th9s, and making th10 the majority of the lineup.

    Top TH only wars have long been associated with the dark arts, so they’d probably struggle to field a division of th12 lineups that weren’t on a ban list somewhere.
    For examples of this, see the proposed next season lineup of NDL pro division, with nearly all entrants being currently banned or refused entry to CWL.

    I do think lineups are, and will, become progressively heavier.
    But until full max wars are possible, they’ll always favour a breakdown where you can’t dip everything.
    (4 th12s to 10 th11s being a good example. Have to get minimum 2 11v11s to be able to clear them).

    (Edit: there’s more).
    Even though it’s not all top TH, and lots of dipping is possible, there is still a lot of scope to make a skill gap count.
    Th10 3* is nothing like a given, but clans that can clear them with crazy high hit rates rather than relying on lots of th11 dips, get themselves a significant advantage.
    More 10v12 attempts/scouts, more scouts for 11v11, more 11v11 hits, more chances of 12v12s to seal the win.
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