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Thread: Clan being spammed by another clan_

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    Angry Clan being spammed by another clan_

    Hi All,

    my resquest seems to be weird, but a clan is spamming my own clan, with a lot of demand requests (by the Leader and the coleaders).

    I asked them directly in their chat to stop that unpleasant behavior, and twice.

    But they still spamming me and my members.

    So i would like to know if Supercell can do something, in order to stop that, because it is very boring...
    It's going for a week now...

    Thanks you very much

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    How are these members getting into your clan in the first place if they are unwelcome? You can try to set the clan to closed so that they can't come to your clan.They can't do anything more if you do this.

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    Definitely set your clan closed for a while to see if they will let up after a while.
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