I'm playing hayday since 2014.
My level is 109.
My gmail which is connected to supercell id is hacked. And recovery options also changed so no more access to it.
I tried everything to recover my gmail but I'm failed.
I contacted supercell support from game many times. They replied only once that my account is recovered previously so it's can't be done twice.
Yes, Few months ago my farm was connecting to other device and do i contacted SC support and they changed my supercellID. But please understand this is not that situation. This time my whole supercellID is hacked.
I always played fairly. I was playing since 2014.i wasted so many times on this game. I don't want to lose my lovely farm.
The thing make me more hopeless and sad that is my CONVERSATION everytime get closed. No response from support.
That doesn't help.
Please help.
I don't want to lose my farm.
Contracting through mail also not help.