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    Why do some prizes in the horseshoes have a gold edge around them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deb56 View Post
    Why do some prizes in the horseshoes have a gold edge around them?
    Deb56, usually horseshoe rewards with a gold edge are the special rewards stated for that derby. This week they are "increased amounts for barn and silo upgrade materials." Take a look at your rewards with the special gold edge. They should be barn and silo upgrade materials....perhaps more than 1x? I opted out this week so I cannot check whether that's what they are doing.

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    They will not be more than 1 x
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    Hi Wussypuss, how do you know the gold edged special horseshoe prizes will only be 1 x

    i understood from HD Power Derby that we were to be rewarded with extra BEM and SEM
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