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    My favourite time of year down on the farm!!!

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    I love this gift calendar event! Clever, cute and fun with all the bonus rewards! Thank you SC and Merry Christmas to you all!
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    Am I the only who isn't able to open up the present?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vdelnero27 View Post
    Am I the only who isn't able to open up the present?!
    You need to locate the ‘gift’ that has the same number on it as the date. So December 1, you would look for the package that has ‘1’ on the gift tag. If you miss any days, you will be able to open them up until January 4.

    I noticed that when I opened today’s package, the ‘sparkly’ thing like when you find a red tool box was also around the gift. Maybe that will help. You cannot just pick any package to open.
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    Wow! I love this, so fun

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    I made a video about the upcoming Christmas:

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    I’ve sent this message in the game and they asked me to post it here instead.
    i hope my message could reach to one of the developers of this awesome game and consider to fix it at soonest.
    Here’s my message for your review.

    Thanks for changing the theme, it’s very nice and refreshing. However, can you please reconsider the sky background from dark blue to other color ?
    It’s really damage our eyes with that strong color. And my mom is really addicted to this community. She spends more than 4-5 hours a day working on her farm. So, please please please .... if you could reconsider other colours that better for users’ vision would be great for all of us & your gamers.

    Thank you

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    I created a baby farm some days ago (now level 8). But thereís no gifts in Gregís farm.
    Is this happening because of low level of farm? In which level haydayers are able to get gifts ?

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    This advent calendar/present hunt has been way too much fun, and I love the fishing pond!! Thank you HayDay Team....what a fun way to start the morning 🥰

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