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Thread: Th12 looking for USA ONLY clan.

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    Th12 looking for USA ONLY clan.

    Looking for a serious war clan thats USA only. Tired of dealing with bros.

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    Check us out in Ravens. We do have a few Canadians too, but mostly US. I'll post some info about us below.

    RAVENS #2QVVP89V Level 15
    We take war seriously, and ourselves lightly.
    Ravens is looking for war focused, active, family friendly, mature, English speaking players. We operate on North American time zones.
    Our wars: We war constantly including CWL and want regular participation, but members may opt in/out for any in game or real life reason. Opting out with heroes down is required. We are recruiting balanced bases and people that have demonstrated competency in war at the level the clan needs. Wars start in the evenings, North American time zone.
    Our Members: Members are active and mature in game, ranging from TH12 to TH9. Our members are generous donators and frequently practice with friendly challenges at these TH levels.
    Our Leaders: Leaders foster a positive, constructive, welcoming, and drama free environment.
    Mention the forums in your request to join.
    Ravens (#2QVVP89V) Level 17

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    Bro free zone. We’re international, but a good part of our team is based in the US and Canada


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    Level 13 clan. We emphasize the importance of having a drama free, active community. Great group here, we always max clan games and were competitive in war. Great place to grow, in war or just in general. We are all easy going. Wars are back to back, we war to win and always do what is best for the team. Great organization in war and with the clan overall, leadership really cares.

    Stop in

    Clan Name: Not Worthy
    Clan Tag: #9UQURGYJ

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    You would fit right in with us lol. We even have "No bro slang" in our description. Come check us out Force Thunder #VUY92PR

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    Lol...check us out...we are a bro free zone.

    Following is our standard recruiting post for more information..

    I'm HowDi from We Are Brother War Clan Family. Our family is comprised of three war clans; We are Brother (Level 15); Aged!& Confused (Level 15) and Panda (Level 11). Panda is our family MEGA WAR clan and is also dedicated to family TH9s who want to participate in CWL league wars. Not sure what a MEGA WAR clan is... read all about it on our website.
    Make sure you visit our Family News Page on our website. You will find a lot of informative and funny family history there.

    SO, If you're tired of small wars, inactive boring clans or an inability to reach those awesome top level rewards in league wars or clan games, then come check out our dynamic clan family. For much more information, see our most recent post at
    Also, be sure to visit our website at for much more clan information or we can be found by searching We Are Brother Clash Clan. One final thing, since we are always at war, we DO NOT ACCEPT IN GAME REQUESTS TO JOIN. If you apply in game, you will automatically be rejected even though you may have been qualified to join our family. Hope to see you soon in our Discord welcome room by following this link.

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    come see me

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    But there are 'bros' in USA too?? Unless I'm misunderstanding the word 'bro'.

    'We are Brother' how can you guys possibly be a bro free zone?? Maybe I'm a good candidate for your 'aged and confused' clan. 😁

    I'm getting to old for this. 😂

    Courisity got the better of me, so apparently according to the urban dictionary the bro zone is "It has been speculated that women do not endup in the friend zone as frequently as men. But where they may endup is in the Bro Zone. Though some consider it a male version of the friend zone; it is widely accepted that the Bro Zone is worse for the poor women stuck in it."

    So Trcorkin is a woman who doesn't want to be stuck in the Bro Zone. Therefore is looking for a clan with a Bro Free Zone. 👍😁
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    Our tag #8200L0UJ
    Apply on DIscord.

    Level: 250 | TH12 | GG 2B
    Highest Trophy Count:5225 | Donations: 1.1 million | Hero Levels: 150
    Leader of Rogue Elite
    Retired League Clan and Players recruiting experienced attackers to play in a relaxed and fun environment.
    ​Our Discord link

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    If you don't know what he means by a bro-free zone you're probably not a good fit.

    Level 18
    - 6,103/18,500| Master I
    BloodyIrishman - TH12 [Level 205] - #2 in TH12 Hall of Fame
    Follow this link if you're interested in joining!

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