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Thread: What is a good way to clear CC?

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    What is a good way to clear CC?

    I would like to hear how some clear CC when it's dead center and the perimeter has 1 or more defenses to clear before triggering. . I understand there are variables but maybe you have a package you use a lot. Should I burn a spell? How many troops are too many. Most of the time it's in a Queen walk with level 40 AQ against a TH10 or TH9.

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    Basically I would face something like that when trying to lavaloon and would have to use about 4-5 loons with haste spell in worst scenarios. IMO 20 housing space of troops and one single slot spell aren't that bad if you get all the cc troops out.
    Anything hiding in cc will just get troublesome in the end. Not having much idea for dealing with central cc when doing ground attacks though.

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    Each base is different but if you are AQ walking and a deep cc, start the walk, clear some outer defenses, drop 2 hogs to lure, put poison in path of CC coming to your AQ, rage the healers if you have too depending on hat is attacking your AQ from CC and what other defenses are targeting her.
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