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Thread: Cannon cart

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    Cannon cart

    Add the cannon cart to the main village please

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    I would actually prefer Musketeer due to it being new, and not being something from the builder village. I would of course prefer a whole new troop, but atleast in this case: Cannon Cart < Musketeer

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    Months ago, I locked the Master Builder into his office (the Builder Hall). Told him that he is stuck there until he comes up with the blueprints that I have demanded. If he figured out how to mobilize a Cannon, he can surely figure out how to mobilize an Eagle Artillery, Inferno Tower or Xbow.

    On the serious side, not sure how such a troop would work when donated to a CC for defense. Once the CC troops come out, how would the Cart behave? Think it would look odd if it simply hopped over walls like all defending troops do today. It would also be odd if it became stuck within its own walls, or shot down friendly walls to allow it to progress. For any new troop, both offensive and defensive behavior need to be considered.
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