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Thread: What is wrong with war MM

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    What is wrong with war MM

    Just trying to find out what is going on with the war MM,

    we as a clan have been trying to find a war match up for 18 hours with no matchs found my line up is as follows

    1. Th9
    1. Th8
    13. Th7

    know we have Tryed diffrent war setting as in numbers put in and changed line up the longest we have waited before was 8 hours,

    tryed to contact supercell but had no reply as of yet I know it is still early and a response will come,
    but as a clan we are finding this a bit off putting as we used to be a th7 clan and was able to find war match up pretty fast we followed the advise to upgrade a few accouts as supercell and players on here recommend and every since have found wait times have been increasing.

    We have had a few mismatch war before but that is the lot you take you just have to crack on and adapt but the fact that we cannot even find a match up is a cause of concern.

    Dos anyone else have this problem and if so what is a good fix for it.

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    Could you post your Clan Tag?

    p.s. this should be in the Clan Wars forum.
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    Too many TH7s in your clan. I think that's your issue. Not a lot of clans with 13 Th7s in the war. More 9s and 8s will help.

    I used to love to war with TH7s but I found they have not been very useful for the last year. Now TH8s have fallen pray to that. But we are taking 12, 11s and 10s now so our comp changed and reduced the need for 8s and 7s too. 7s went away a long time ago for us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skrags View Post
    Could you post your Clan Tag?

    p.s. this should be in the Clan Wars forum.

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    I'd agree with posts above - keep upgrading your TH7's.

    Looks like most of your wars are founds pretty quickly however - going by the times you start war on

    3rd Nov @ 12.50
    5th Nov @ 11.57
    7th Nov @ 14.43
    9th Nov @ 15.41
    11th Nov @ 19.13

    (Then a break for CWL)

    23rd Nov @ 13.42
    25th Nov @ 16.22
    27th Nov @ 18.25

    None of those breaks look too bad to me (Under 3 hours search time on most, allowing for 23 hour prep day)

    In general however, wars will match faster, if you have a 'common' line up. I suspect clans with lots of TH7's are becoming less common, so will take longer to find a good match.

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    agreed with the above. your line up is super odd.

    have you tried dropping the top base and going with just 8 at the top, or maybe dropping both the 8 and 9? otherwisee have your sevens upgrade. roughly equal sevens and eights will probably match faster.
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    Regarding the title, and I know there are a few threads going on this same issue right now, I just wanted to add that I think the changes over the last year that have resulted in longer searches for some clans has been an overall big improvement on the ability of the matchmaker to find even matches. This improvement is something that I support and think clans with odd rosters need to adjust their rosters to find a match rather than SC going back to the old matchmaker which found matches easier, but often uneven ones.
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