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Thread: Where have all the base designers gone?

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    Where have all the base designers gone?

    ... long time passing.
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    closer than you think
    I personally don't get enough replays to tweak my bases, so I don't know if they're ready. Also, the meta, at least to me, feels a lot less fun than the old farming bases before the TH update. The bases seem to be a lot more formulaic to me.
    I've also been playing this game less and less. It's no longer the game I spend the most time on, perhaps not even within my top 5.
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    I'm sloooooowly getting into basebuilding, always like it. But I can't get myself to check this sub-forum often enough to make anything of worth. Also, with studies I can't keep up with building many bases since I still take a lot of time to make a base.

    So, at least one (poorly experienced) basebuilder doesn't have enough time forthis sub-forum

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