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Thread: Drop rates for power derby?

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    After extensive communication with support, they refuse to accept that the drop rates are skewed or that anything has changed in the derby. So for anyone else who has been clearing whole boards of sub 300 tasks this week and last ....... we’ll its either always been that way, or you’re just imagining it!

    Support assure me that posting my concerns here will make things better - which is laughable since there is still not the slightest visible hint of interest from SC in these posts.
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    Couldnt have said it better myself. I was so excited when I saw that another power derby was planned and even that we would have more than 15 tasks. But then SC tweaked the task drop rate so they stink! Why?

    Quote Originally Posted by mdcfc View Post
    exactly Aardvark! It almost like they hated that we liked it, so let’s squeeze the joy out of it!! is it incompetence or greed?
    Either way the derby experience for us is garbage this week, just as it was last week with endless low point tasks.

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    Our hood has been lucky also, 4-7 320 tasks up most of the time. 2 players finished, other 2 close

    I should add, we’ve trashed 582 tasks so far
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    Quote Originally Posted by Njoylife10 View Post
    Couldnt have said it better myself. I was so excited when I saw that another power derby was planned and even that we would have more than 15 tasks. But then SC tweaked the task drop rate so they stink! Why?
    Agreed here too! I went from loving powed derby to I hate it now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdcfc View Post
    Since my last post two more whole boards without a single task over 300.

    After 4 years plus of running a large, happy, successful derby hood that balanced fun with competitive, I now have no idea how to keep my 30 excellent players engaged with the derby and this game. Competitive and fun is just not possible in such a large hood with the sort of drop rates we are experiencing this week and last, Hayday derby has just become a miserable way to spend time.

    Congratulations Supercell on killing my love for this game.
    Steve, I feel the same.

    Derby used to be so much fun and relaxing (we arent doing 320 only and we can still place top 3 for extra prizes weekly)...i dont understand why the need for fun derby to be killed by making them so dreadful and more exhausting.

    It's already a tough job to maintain a hood and now it's even tougher. It's way taking up too much of our time and effort. We arent even paid to do anythg to keep gamers motivated for sc. This is so discouraging for the leaders who try so hard.
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    Just wanted to echo many of the thoughts on this thread.

    In our neighborhood there has also been a noticeable difference in the amount of higher point tasks than normal, both this week & last week.

    Majority of tasks coming up have been 275 for some reason - we need an average of 295 per task for each player to reach the last horseshoe! Dismal

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    Our NH did not experience the poor drop rates that some have reported. We were 5 opted in this week and trashed less than 350 tasks. We also do not require a minimum points per task, but rather total points per player. Everyone finished above that number, even our new hoodie that is a level 34, despite her taking a task at 245 points. We did not use diamonds and we are not doing the 10th task. And as of right now we are 2nd place.

    I found the derby much more fun than most. I did not have machines stacked, so any production task was done from scratch. I was able to choose a larger variety of tasks.
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    We are slowly getting there. This has been one of the most painful derby so far.

    I would also appreciate some official answer about the changed drop rate. Derby used to be fun.

    What I also noticed that players are so desperate to get a task that many instead of trashing took wrong task. The 2 buttons are way too close to eachother. I am hoping for a solution for this and also the 230 points should be removed.

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    We already accepted demotion out of CL and stopped yesterday. The so called random task generator has several faces. Many hoods are complaining, some not. Never experienced this before to this extent.

    Update: The Bitterness of less Fun remains longer than the Sweetness of ten free Diamonds.
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