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Thread: Clan War suspicious activity

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    Excellent post by Draegar above - well explained.

    OP - it's quite unlikely that people are modding. It's quite common now to use low bases to scout high bases, to find traps, and what is in the cc.
    We will generally ask people to use giants and balloons, evenly spread around the outside of the base. Look for any air mines, hidden teslas, giant bombs outside the walls. This helps a lot to plan a QW raid in particular (finding any black air mines outside the walls, which will take down a healer)
    We will then give them hogs in the cc, to try and lure out enemy cc troops also.

    The only time to be suspicious, is if the enemy then does a flawless attack, and in particular manages to 'magically' find any traps that weren't disclosed in the scout raid. Having said that, when I've watched a raid, I can sometimes guess the location of other traps (ie if they are in similar positions on opposite sides of the base, I may put in a test balloon 'just in case' - it works sometimes!)

    Finally, do keep an eye out for people leaving the clan to spend a short time in a lvl 1 clan, then coming back to the main clan. If this happens a few times, it can be suspicious.

    Overall though, from all I am hearing, any modding is vastly reduced now, and carries a lot more risk. Supercell's Octopus is always watching... and waiting.... when you least expect it!

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    It doesn't seem too suspicious to me, it's part of good strategy to use lower bases who cannot attack anything to scout the top bases for traps and CC. If the other side were cheating by using mods, it is normally quite noticeable and they run a high risk of having their accounts permanently banned. Engineering and farm war league clans are fair game and require a more in depth knowledge of the game in order to be successful.
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