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Thread: Upgrade to TH10 or no?

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    Now that the events are about to end soon, it may not be a bad idea to just wait for some time for fully finishing research and do heroes meanwhile.

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    This is another example (I've read lots of similar experiences recently) of players struggling to max Heroes at TH9 while almost everything else is easier to upgrade.
    It sounds like the OP is very active however, and if I were you, I would push on to TH10 but focus on those Heroes.
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    I completely maxed one of my TH9 minis before jumping to 10 and also am making the jump with a second one right now, it has 20/20 heroes but maxed otherwise. We will see, time will tell which is the better path, but my fully maxed 9 has made the transition pretty easy both in regards to raiding and war.

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    Go up.

    You won't have a problem getting DE. 3-5K DE per raid is easy at TH10 with occasional 6-7k, either by picking low hanging fruit in Gold or Crystal, or by going up to Champs and raking in those lovely attack bonuses.

    And if you're a maxed TH9 apart from heroes, well at TH10 there's hundreds and hundreds of millions gold/elixir needed to upgrade your walls (twice) so by keeping a builder free it's super easy to get your building upgrades done without having to sit on masses of resources.

    Having said all that, the feeling of achievement at finally getting to a max TH9 after all that time is pretty good, and finally being able to take both heroes to every raid after months and months of one of them being asleep...

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    Do you know what your average loot is monthly? If you can farm over 100 million gold/elixir each month and over 800k DE than upgrade to TH10. If you can't, it'll depend on how active you are.
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    Max your th9 and then go to 10

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