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Thread: Hayday is not fair PLEASE READ

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    Hayday is not fair PLEASE READ

    I play on my own level 209 you would think that every one in the derby should be treated the same but no if you have less than 4 players you are treated dreadfully l did 10 tasks in the last derby all 320 paid diamonds to do the final task and came in first my prizes was a choice of four lines of two planks or two of others items then was not even awarded a cup there are many people who play on there own why should we be treated worse than farms who have five players this is not logical do not forget it can happen to you it does not matter how many people you have on your farm at least 4 have to play PLEASE for many farms who help people join in everything object with us this is not fair thankyou

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    If you are at level 209 then this is not new to you. Why are you suddenly posting this now and why in the New to Hay Day section.
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