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Thread: Donating w/out people requesting!!

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    Donating w/out people requesting!!

    I would love to know peoples idea about leaders/co-leaders being able to donate in clan members castles without them requesting! Think about our nations and how allies are able to bring troops into a country. So if you opt in, just like with clan war. The leaders of a clan, can visit a base and donate to their fellow clansmens' castles.
    I'd love to know what your thoughts are. There has been many a time I'd have loved to have done that. And my clan thinks that is a great idea, also!
    - regards, Moose

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    Supercell wants you to log in to their game and play. Part of that is logging in to empty your pumps and request new troops for defense if needed. Your idea goes against Supercell's motives.

    I'm one of the top donors in my clan, and I would never waste my time to go base-to-base looking for empty clan castles. Waste of my time. If they want troops, they'll request them. And I think it would be a waste of Supercell's dev's time to "solve" a non-issue.

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