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    Angry Clan games

    Why are there so many builder base events in clan games now? I dont like playing in builder base and it restricts my opportunitys in clan games. Start up this game is 50% builder base items.

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    You and your clanmates could trash them if you're not too bothered with cooldowns.

    Alternatively, you could try your hand at some, as BB challenges are usually easier to complete within a smaller timeframe compared to the home village. I'm not fond of the BB either, but I complete some of those challenges anyway since they're fairly easy to do (especially Wall Wipe Out).

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    I knocked out several 830 - 1050 point BB challenges in one clock tower boost session by not caring if I won or lost. I mean how difficult is to destroy 12 fire crackers if you don't care about winning?

    But yeah trash em before you log off if you don't like em.
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