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    I think it would be great to have a character added onto the game where it can trade items with you. (Where I use 'character' I mean a character like Tom.) Although you can trade for selling items for other players items, some players don't have some of the items you'll need. Tom as well can be expensive to some players, so they just try to get the items they need from the listing magazine when half of the time, it would be took by another player. The character that I have come up with could be named Daniel.

    The use of Daniel - Daniel was created by me to be a trader. Fair trades. And if anything, should not have too good of trades that everyone would want to buy him everyday to trade. For example, if you wanted 6 bolts so you can upgrade your barn, Daniel would give you 3 options. For this example, 6 bolts is worth 1,620 coins at max. So Daniel would want something else close to the amount that 6 bolts are. So maybe Daniel would want 4 mallets because 4 mallets are worth 1,612 at max. --- What too good of trades would be is, say you wanted 6 tomatoes. Daniel would NOT trade you 3 wheat for 5 coins, when 6 tomatoes are 259 coins. --- So basically, how the system will work for Daniel is whatever you want from Daniel you ask him, then he'll tell you what he wants and will give you 3 options of what he would want. You pick an option holding the items that you are willing to give away. Under the option it will tell you what the max price for that option. And for what you are willing to give away to Daniel he'll give you the item you were asking for.

    How much Daniel can be - 3 diamonds for 1 day, 15 diamonds for 5 days. 30 diamonds for 10 days. Since I really don't think this is an "overpowered" character to be added on to the game, I think it could be quite cheap, and so people actually use the character not just "throw it away" because it's too expensive. --- For the player when they first unlock Daniel, they should have 3 days for free, just as Tom is. So they can see if they like it.

    Cool-down for Daniel - Daniel is at little stand that is placed right here - Capture.PNG
    When asking for an item from Daniel, you need at least a decent amount of things in your inventory that are worth the item you asked for. If not, Daniel will decline your request for that item. --- After you have traded with Daniel, Daniel needs to "restock his supplies" which is a 45 minute wait to use him again. When Daniel restocks, he disappears pretending to be buying new supplies that he can trade you with.

    When you unlock Daniel - Daniel is unlocked at level 25. When you haven't unlocked Daniel, there's just pile of boxes and wood where he would stand. When you do reach level or get him when you're already of the level or higher, it takes 30 minutes for Daniel to set up his stand. You can't see him work because when he's setting up his stand it has smoke around him and saw dust from cutting wood.

    Other things for Daniel - When you have not been using Daniel, Daniel will be leaning on his stand looking bored. His character avatar customized by Hay Day.

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    Daniel's concept is fine, except that Supercell will not trade you for building material - or anything, for that matter. Supercell simply doesn't want or need our Hayday items/gold. They only want your real cold hard cash, and this is embodied in Tom-for-hire, and charging 8 diamonds per BEM/SEM/LEM to upgrade.

    If Daniel is cheaper than Tom, it cuts into SC's profits. If he costs more, everyone just uses Tom instead.

    i can see competitive derby players hiring Daniel AND Tom to get things done faster, but SC would just save a lot of development money by putting a new skin on Tom and calling him Daniel, in effect letting us hire 2 Toms concurrently.

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