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    How do i create a new account after being Perm Banned?

    So i got perm banned on clash of clans, as you can tell by the title. The ban was not deserved and i dont really care about the banned account since it was a new one.

    Story: so when i got my new iphone 6 i switched my apple id from my moms to my own. This means all my app purchase and all that got deleted, this is important later on in the story. After 2 years or so my iphone 6 broke completly so i got an iphone X. When i got this new phone all my progress on games got deleted since game center is broken or smthing like that. I contacted the Clash Royale people and got my account back, then I downloaded Clash of clans. Completly new account in hand i go contact them and tell them i need my TH9 account back. They ask quetions to find my account and i answer them and then they find my account. Then they asked questions about what was my old account name, when i got the account, purchase recipts if i bought anything. This is where the apple id story comes in. I bought clash if clans on that apple id on a different date then on my moms. Also on my moms apple id the there was a purchase recipt of shen i bought 5 dollar gem pack. I told him the wrong information! Next time i got on i saw the banned for phishing attempts.

    I dont really care about the account but i have no clue on how to delete that account and create a new one on my phone. Ive done everything from making a new apple id ( like 5 times), turning off game center, and switching my Icloud. I contacted Supercell from Clash Royale and they told me to make a new apple id but that hasnt worked. Everytime I download Clash of Clans when doing a new trick that i think will start a new fresh account i just see that sweat pop up saying i got banned for Phishing attemps, HELP ME, i dont really feel like restarting my whole phone but jf thats what it takes ig i will do that.
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