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Thread: What was it like being a wrestling fan in its hayday?

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    What was it like being a wrestling fan in its hayday?

    I started watching pro wrestling in 2016. I was born in the late 90s and never really knew anything about it until a couple years ago. Went to RAW last week and it was fun, but every time I watch today's product I just keep thinking "imagine if it was sold out right now", or "I wonder if were gonna get any massive pops tonight", or "I wonder if well get any surprises", yet that never really happens. I love wrestling but man I wish it was still as energetic and edgy as it was twenty years ago. So tell me what it was like watching/being a fan back then, I really wanna know.

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    I grew up in the Hulkamania era but having a father who wasn’t into wrestling I never got to go to a show. The era you are referring to was the Attitude Era of the then-WWF during the Monday Night Wars. What made wrestling so great then was that for a couple of years there were 2 top companies competing with each other. Unlike the territory days where promotions cooperated with each other as long as they stayed in their area, this was 2 promotions battling to be the top company. Unfortunately there was a lot of mismanagement in WCW, their ratings went downhill and they eventually lost their TV and became worthless. But for a few years there it was hot and competition made it that way. If a true competitor to WWE were to arise you could see an era like that again.

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    My son was a fan of WWF and I took to see a live show in London featuring The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Chyna to name a few. It was an amazing show you really got caught up in the action in the ring.

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