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Thread: Deleting my supercell account

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    Exclamation Deleting my supercell account

    Dear Supercellers, i have a huge damn problem which prevents me from playing the game.
    So here's the deal!

    My email id to which my account TH7(Town Hall) is linked when i was using an android device:
    Which was also linked to google play games.
    When i changed to ios, supercell id was created. The problem is when i created my supercell id with this account it took me as a newbie because my gamecenter account was not the same email address as my android device mail.. it was . , and i start all over from the begining , and when i connect on any android device i manage to open my TH7 account, so i really need help on sorting this out! i dont wanna restart all over from the begining. Can we actually delete a supercell id linked to an email adrress? so i can recreate it on an android device using my account. thanks a ton people!

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    1. please remove your emails.
    2. just few steps and you can play your village on any supported device.
    - start your village on android
    - start supercell id registration process
    - tipe in your email twice (must be new email account because you use the other one for a fresh village)
    - open the email account and get the verification code
    - go back to clash and tipe in the verification code

    your village is now saved with supercell id. with this supercell id you are able to login on any supported android and ios device.

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