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Thread: I enjoy CWL

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    I enjoy CWL

    As someone who is in an all TH12 clan, we don't seem to be running into problems. I'm enjoying this.

    Anyone else enjoying CWL?
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    I am as well
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    I totally understand, that there are several leauges in each tier. That is so obvious, that it is insulting to act, like I didn't know.
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    Same, I wasn't able to participate in the first one.

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    Not in a clan full of TH12, but I seconded that I enjoy the CWL as a substitute for regular Clan War once a month.
    My clan is not going to win (or have any chances) in winning some of the wars, but I understand why there is so much mismatch at this point.

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    At least you guys are enjoying CWL, everyone else seems to be complaining about problems with CWL..

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    CWL is nice for the clan EXP and rewards for sure. The gameplay and strat is interesting too.
    I have gotten burned out toward the end of the wars (both last one and this one), but that is mainly because I play on way too many accounts in too many clans. \_(ツ)_/

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    not enjoy it. It dragged for too long. wish it could be 3 day event.

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    It's a case of a very vocal minority being displeased. If it were really so terrible, people wouldn't have signed up the second round. We are having a blast as we enter round 6 tonight undefeated and go against another undefeated clan, most likely to determine who finishes 1st and who finishes 2nd in our group.

    We also had a lot of fun last season while going 2-5.
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    We are enjoying it. Split into two clans and it is going well in both. It is very different from regular wars and nice to have that change for a week per month.
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