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    We have a very mixed squad on CWL. Starting from 3 tx, ending with 10. To be more precise: one 3 1, 4 1, one 5, one 7, 2 8 tx, 3 10 tx and 5 9 tx. As a result, we came across: 3 12, 3 11, 6 10, 1 9, 2 8. I don’t understand ... We took experienced with newcomers and started leagues. everyone has a disposal ....But this is only one war ...We play 15 to 15
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    War match up

    Why is it that war and cwl match up are always uneven this is a problem and its not being addressed...th13 at this point is OP when you can just use hero and healers and kill any th13 base there is a's and idea the grandwarden is to slow and needs to be buffed and the Edrags take to long to charge up...

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    You clearly don't know what you are talking about.
    There is no matchup in CWL except the first time your clan launches it.
    Clan War matchup can always be uneven, it happens.

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    In CWL there is, quite deliberately, no matching based on weights at all. That "issue" is unlikely to ever be addressed, as it is the way it is intended to work.

    In standard wars, the matchmaking hasvimproved out of all re ognition over the last couple of years, and we find it rare now to have a serious mismatch.

    Your comment about TH13 being OP has notjing to do with wars, and us also really not even close to true (you certainly can't 3 star any reasonable TH13 or even 12 with just healers and heroes), though until defences catch up, the balance definitely favours offence.
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    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
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    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
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    It would appear Cja, your bases must be severely rushed..

    This may be suitable for the unweighted cwl tier system, dependant on which tier you are in (which is matched purely dependant on previous seasons finish, and nothing else)..
    But for regular spin, rushed bases always were more of a liability, unless that rushing is strategic (engineered), and even then, a single engineered account wont make a lot of difference.. METa engineering is roster wide, in order to draw newbie/lesser clans..

    Only advice that can be given, is drop and grow your defence, if they are rolled too easily..
    The MMA is in a good place, and will give matches with only a low tolerance weight differential, otherwise a "no match found" message shows after 24 hours of spinning..
    Base quality, however, is down to the individual..

    Be aware that war weight, which the MMA uses for regular war, takes consideration of both defensive and offensive strengths/weights, when searching for opposition..
    The war map is compiled using only the defensive weights, so may show a visual disparity if offensively rushed bases are being used in the roster.

    As for troop choice and usage.. They do what it says on the box.. Warden will follow the heaviest group, but if you rage thru the base,
    or use fast moving troops, he will lose ground at some point, he has a limited view range, so wont follow what he cant see..
    Your choice of Eddies may give a user friendly experience, but are no more than a 2 star strat on most decent base set ups due to their limitations...

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    Angry war cheated !!!

    hi every body !
    i'm french so sorry for my english
    we are in war and we can't fight because they aren't same lvl as us...
    i don't know if there is admin here and if he can do anything...
    (if somebody can look my war i let my ID in game :Y2VYJ02UC)
    my ID Clan is : CGQGUJJU
    in war we have
    7 hdv lvl6
    3 hdv lvl 7
    2 hdv lvl 8
    2 hdv lvl 9
    1 hdv lvl 10

    VS Loool !

    5 hdv lvl 9
    4 hdv lvl 10
    2 hdv lvl 11
    3 hdv lvl 12
    1 hdv lvl 13

    some adversaire have defence in town and not in warbase.....

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    It's not cheating, it's how a ladder system works. Sometimes you will have the town hall level advantage, sometimes the opponent will.

    Just do your best, and you might be surprised - the opponent may miss some (or many) of their attacks, or might just be terrible attackers. Plus, if they don't have their defenses placed on their war bases, it sounds like (a) their bases will be easier to attack, and (b) they don't know what they're doing.

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    Is Clan War League always this broken?

    Hi guys so my clan has entered in to our first ever clan war league and our first matchup is a complete mismatch can we expect this every single time? Itís really killed the vibe in game as we was so excited but we just get smashed by people 2 town halls higher.

    (Have played previously but the matchups were always fine as I was in a 12 only clan. But this is just crazy..
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    its not broken, there is no match making in CWL(a big pill for a lot of folk to swallow). Dont get frustrated by just one war, we find we win 4 or 5 every single CWL and have a blast.

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    Simple answer is yes. CWL does not use matchmaking like regular clan wars.
    You're simply matched with other clans in your league.

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