I noticed what war result on league wars sometimes is incorrect. In regular wars I save data from CurrentWarLog, but on league period where are a little problem - prepearing and current war at the same time. So, if you miss some sync period, than you lose correct results of last war.

It looks that developers change structure of war JSON (for example #0 tag for future wars and make many little changes) and my syncronisation was broked. Than I rewrited all scripts I saw that war percentage for clan and opponent on my site is incorrect. And this numbers are very impotent - they describe a war result.

Maybe developers can check - why this situation stay possible.

for example wartag #299QJCVQV opponent->destructionPercentage: 53.12, but the real value is 88.53

In other threads people writes about clanmates list in league warlog. Maybe you can clean JSON of finished war
from players who not declared on it, and left only 15 players per side?
And PLEEEEEEASE don't make prepeared list for the next League war until current war is not ended.

Sorry for bad English. But I must write it. I think you can understand that I'v meant)) I belive it))