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Thread: Object Grouping in Edit Mode

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    Object Grouping in Edit Mode

    I think there are a lot of useful features in the current Village Edit mode for base building in the game. However, something that is not yet implemented which I think should be is some sort of feature that allows you to group objects together. You know the buttons that allow you to "Remove All" and "Move All"? I think there should be a button to "Remove Group" where you remove a certain type of building, like if you wanted to remove all the walls, traps, defenses etc. A feature like this would help if you wanted to make some changes to your base without moving everything else. Like for example if you wanted to rearrange some of your traps without removing them all one by one. Hope you like this idea and if you don't, I don't mind criticism.
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    Maybe merge this with the request here:

    Step 1) Find and highlight all like items (the other thread), then ...
    Step 2) Be able to act upon that group (your suggestion).
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