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Thread: Some small suggestions that I like to provide

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    Some small suggestions that I like to provide

    1. The Web tokens should be based on the developer account and not based on the IP. This is because I tried to host a bot on pythonanywhere which gives the clan war league updates about our feeder clans. As the IP address is unidentifiable, I cannot make the bot run successfully.
    2. Make the war tag visible inside the game or otherwise introduce some logic behind providing the war tag. For instance, if my clan tag is #ABC0X1YZ and we are in the third day of cwl and our league is golden 2 and the season is November month, then the war tag should be something like #ABC0X1YZD3G2N (D3= day 3, G2= golden 2, N=November). Then it will become easier to identify and use the clan war tag programmatically.
    3. The destruction percentage for cwl is not correct. Please correct it.
    4. The API should be able to return the CWL standings

    If these changes are provided then it would be very helpful for a lot of developers. Thanks in advance.
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    Suggestion for cwl as well. The bonus medals that the leader has to award out at the end, it puts us as leaders into a position of either looking like we are “picking favourites” when awarding them, and if we keep some for ourselves then we are being greedy. Just a thought to maybe have it so that there is an even distribution of the bonus medals to all that have been in the cwl instead of just five members. Thanks !

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