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    I don't agree with the OP, but it is amazing how badly some people got the whole CWL concept wrong. The information was plastered everywhere and yet there are still leaders our there only fielding a 15 person roster instead of the whole clan in round 2.

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    I forgot...
    TBH, for the ‘seasoned’ forumers here: if you see a misinformed post in the forums, please report for confirmation.
    The situation, as replied by Darian, is totally cyclical and reflecting of the members on the forums: only moderation can help improve the contents.
    This happens after every (complicated ) update of the game . We can only try to help by removing the bad posts.

    PS: I tried for some time in bug, and ifr, but just chill now and also am too busy to spend much time in the forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    The War Leagues are the new thing to talk about so it's natural there are multiple discussions with often times the same questions. This happens during every major update to the game and it eventually ripples back to normal after a spell.
    Hmmm... What spell do we use to nerf ripples again?
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