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Thread: An idea to completely erase engineers from Clan Wars

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    Quote Originally Posted by LokiGodOfChaos View Post

    but would totally agree to having to build everything from a lower th to cw(so old engineers have no advantage over new ones)

    example a th10 needs the 2 x bows from th9 to cw
    th11 needs the 3 x bows and the 2 inferno towers that a th10 can build to cw
    This ^^^ . I thought this was what the OP was originally suggesting, but after reading the thread, not really. There is absolutely no need to punish a new TH. As an example, lets consider myself a fresh TH10. So long as I have all of my TH9 turrets dropped, I should be allowed to war. It would be unreasonable to require a fresh TH10 to drop every single TH10 turret before being able to war. All this would do is send my WW way up without any real functionality in the new defenses, which would make me a liability in war and less likely to be allowed to war anyway. It makes more sense to require THs to have all the defenses from the lower TH before being allowed to war. This would remove the heavily-engineered bases from wars.

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    It is a really bad idea. A new hall shouldn’t be forced to drop every building instantly and shouldn’t be forced to sit out of war until they do.

    A far superior idea would be to let engineers war, but give them a minimum defensive weight that is equal to the max defensive weight of the hall below them. They can war, they don’t have to build more defense, they just will have a disadvantage if that is their choice.
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