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Thread: Reporting a person in the neighborhood

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    Yes, of course, everyone is familiar with the rules.
    And, believe me we don't have that much rules at all, no.1 is not to steal from a hoodie (and we had that, believe it or not) and second is that if you decide to participate you must complete all nine tasks. In our hood it's not even about trophies, we usually play for horseshoes and it's a bonus if we end up among top 3.
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    Sounds like fair rules. If the person knew and acknowledged, then they have to face the consequences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdcfc View Post
    This problem is actually a failing in your hoods leadership. Itís up to the leader to establish rules on what level of derby participation is required, and enforce those rules. The hood can be set to request to join or invite only, so you can screen any new players. If you accept their request to join and they donít respond to questions or a briefing on the rules - boot them!. Also the leader can opt out any player from the derby. Do that at the last minute to newbies/non communicators you have doubts about, prevent them from spoiling your derby.
    Actually we have had people who chatted a bit and acknowledged that they understood all tasks must be completed at max point value and then gone ahead and taken 230 points tasks. Weíve called them on taking the low task and received the ďIím sorry it was a mistake wonít do it again ď response. Then guess what....they did it again. Needless to say we booted long before derby end.
    It isnít always a matter of bad leadership, or being unclear about the neighbourhood rules. Some people just really enjoy screwing up derby for neighbourhoods or think that people wonít notice their lack of participation. They probably hide at work instead of doing their job there too.
    Jatauchen isnít experiencing anything new, many neighbourhoods have experienced this type of situation at least a couple of times. I donít think that her leadership was to blame.

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