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Thread: *NEW*Rising inferno -Farming/War Clan!

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    Exclamation *NEW*Rising inferno -Farming/War Clan!

    Rising Inferno is a new clan!

    We are a Farming/War clan-We war once a week!
    Rising Inferno Is founded with the hopes of growing to be an friendly and helpful clan to help other players improve!
    Ireland/UK based clan

    No clan Hopping!
    Do not ask for elder/Co
    Listen to Co/elders
    Donate Only what is requested failing to do so is a kicking offense!
    Donate at least 500 Per season!
    Be respectful of other clan mates!

    TH7+Do not be rushed,have hogs unlocked
    We take anyone TH7+ as long as your not rushed!

    In Rising Inferno we expect clan mates to be respectful and active.

    Do not ask to war i will decide who is best for war bases on TH level.attack strategies and how many war stars you have.

    If you are put in war we EXPECT both attacks to be used

    Be friendly towards people and help where you can!

    First attack is to be your mirror number!

    If you are unsure on attacking please confer with a co

    Ask a co to find out which base to hit for your second attack!

    To join see down below about the clan and its clan tag and join or reply to this thread ill be checking it daily!


    Clan Tag: #22JOYYRG8
    Required Throphies: 0
    Type: Anyone can join
    War frequency: Once a week
    Clan location:Ireland

    Reply to this thread with your name,level,TH

    I check this thread daily ill P.M you the password
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    Be sure to check us out!,Lookin for active member willing to get a new clan up and runnin!

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