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Thread: Looking for a friendly, helpful neighbourhood.

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    Let's have some fun! Come make new friends😄 We have earned 74 🏆 gold trophies! C'mon over & join us! 🏇

    ❤Hi! I am Gina, leader of the wonderful neighborhood called Farming Fools! If you are looking for a fun place to hang out while farming, come join us!

    We have been active since 2014! Over 4 years ago we formed this AMAZING neighborhood! 📅

    We have won 74 golden trophies 🏆🏆We are amazing & awesome!!! 🐎🐎🐎 You can be too!

    If you are active, chatty and helpful, please consider joining our group. You will be amazed by our generosity and teamwork! 😱

    We are dedicated to running a peaceful and fun neighborhood and committed to making sure all of our fellow members needs are met!

    Championship league is where we like to be and everyone finishes all nine tasks at minimum of 310 pts. 10th is optional.

    **Bingo,Special and Mystery derbies 400 point minimum**

    We are team players with great communication! We are looking for like minded team players. Humor is welcome!🐧

    **The leader may always be bribed with a glass of wine 🍷***

    Please be at least level 45 😀

    Also be over 21 years old, thank you!

    Please request to join our private Facebook group under the same name of Farming Fools!

    ** We use Fb Messenger. This is so we can communicate and very essential during BINGO and themed derby weeks 🏬 This is mandatory.

    Search for Farming Fools! Dont forget the ! at the end and request in!

    Please be courteous upon joining by introducing yourself.
    We always look forward to meeting new members! 😍

    After joining our Facebook or messenger and reading the nh guidelines you will immediately be made an ELDER!

    Nh id is #GLLPRUU

    Love to meet you soon!❤❤❤
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    The Foxhole II is looking for you! 🦊
    Hi, Im in the search of a few good people to join my neighborhood. I've had the nh for alittle bit now and gotten some trophies, just never really recruited, so here I am. What I'm looking for is someone who is laid back, helpful, speaks English, and doesnt mind chatting. Derby isn't mandatory, but if you decide to play choose tasks 300 and above. I'll make you elder the second you join. That's all, no long list of rules. Let's build this nh together! Come check it out.
    The Foxhole II #9CVRGQVU 🦊

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    Kindred: similar in kind; one’s family
    Kith: familiar friends, neighbors, or relatives

    Established 1/30/17
    Kindred Kith is looking for a few good hoodies to help grow our neighborhood. Are you looking for your new forever home?

    Who we are:

    We are a small band of like-minded, championship league neighbors joined together for a fun, relaxing, drama-free time and to strengthen our efforts in the town and derby. Our derby goal is to regularly win GOLD, with an occasional silver or bronze.

    Potential members must:

    • Speak fluent English
    • Be an adult (18 years and up)
    • Play daily (unless life gets in the way)
    • Like to chat – its expected, especially when coordinating derby tasks
    • Be helpful and courteous
    • Work the town!
    • Achieve at least 2,790 points per derby (9 x 310 point tasks), if opted in
    • Be at least level 60 – will consider a few lower level players if active, helpful and willing to grow with us
    • Participate in derby regularly

    Current composition:

    • Medium sized hood – 20 hoodies
    • Farm levels – 66 through 173
    • Town levels – 14 through 46
    • Countries: Canada, USA, Malaysia, Vietnam
    • Leader: Samboville (tag: #2JYYJ2LGR)

    Current Medals:
    Gold: 45
    Silver: 19
    Bronze: 11

    If interested, request to join! You can contact me through the forum or KIK (Samboville)

    Name: Kindred Kith
    Emblem: Blue dog on red circular background
    Tag: #89C99JCL

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    Dairy Delights! For Level 50+
    Dairy Delifhts 2 For below level 50

    We would like all 9 tasks completed at 310+ points. Extra task is not required because we know diamonds can be precious, however, many members do an extra task. We understand that life comes first and you’re more than welcome to opt out if you think you’ll be too busy!

    Our hood consists of several avid traders, which, I myself, have traded with many of them and often, and they have always been quick, smooth, successful trades. Trading has been very essential for expanding barn, silo, and land.

    We use discord, which is either a website or a free mobile app. It is super easy to download and use. We have different channels in the discord, such as general chat, derby discussion, marketplace, and trading.

    We are very active with town. We encourage hoodmates to dump excess townies whenever they can.

    The Donation Birdhouse
    We are currently using the request feature for only crops, so that we can all work on getting our generous neighbor achievement.

    Weekly Giveaways
    Using our discord, we do a giveaway every week run by one of the hood owners. To enter, it is as simple as clicking one button and it is randomized, therefore everyone has an equal chance. The prize is usually 5 of a predetermined expansion material, but it can vary.

    Level requirement: 50
    Logo: Beige cow against a yellow flower
    Tag: PPL9JGLP
    Neighborhood Discord link:

    Please let me know if you have any questions!! ♡

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    HI, Jo! We are the Cosmopolitan Racers. A fairly new English speaking, Championship League team with derby focus. We are fun, friendly, chatty (especially during derbies) who are VERY helpful. We hail mainly from UK and USA. We rely on teamwork to help each other level up, expand land, upgrade buildings, fill crates & orders, etc. We understand life happening, simply opt out of the derby as needed. We ask everyone to complete all available tasks in derbies, play daily or as often as possible, be helpful, be courteaus--no drama or bullying. Just a group out to have fun, win more trophies, earn prizes and grow our farms. Come Derby with us at Tag PG822PGU. We'd love to have you join us!!
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