Presenting... The Rocket Goblin!

Unlocks at th10, at lvl 13 barracks (EDrag gets pushed to lvl 14), OR th11, at lvl 14 barracks. I would go for the first option, since it suits th10, but if sliding isnít a choice, then definitely go for the second option.

Housing Space
: 4

Max Level
: 3

Stats at level 1:

Before we get to the stats, let me explain the mechanics. Itíll help you understand better

Basically a Goblin attached to a rocket. The rocket deals contact damage like a battle ram, and it spawns a goblin when the rocket is destroyed.

Rocket Hitpoints: 700. Not a lot of health, but read on for what makes up for it.

Rocket Damage: 42. Not a lot of damage, but read on for what makes up for it.

Favorite Target: It has multiple priorities, like the lava hound. Here goes:
1. Storages (Gold, Elixir, DE) (Damage x10!!!), 2. Town Hall (Damage x2), 3. Collectors (No multiplier)

Spawns 1 goblin upon hit or death.
Goblin level: 6

Targets: Ground and Air (if you put it in a clan castle. It might not be a good idea, but this is what it hits.)

Unlocked at th10, upgrade to level 2 at th11, lvl 3 at th12



BEST. FARM. TROOP. 5 Rocket Gobs completely destroy A gold/elixir storage 10 levels higher or less. (I.e lvl 1 Rg destroys lvl 11 gold/elixir storages and all levels below, lvl 3 can destroy lvl 13 storages and below. Lvl 1 deals 420, lvl 11 storage has 2400 hp).

They can directly get your loot to you, at 3 seconds flat.

you can use with hogs, as they destroy the defenses and tank and the rocket goblins and the goblins deployed get the loot. You can also use with lava hound armies, as they tank for air defenses.

You can snipe stray storages because of the one goblin that spawns.


This is if you actually want your loot. Otherwise, let the rocket gobs take them.

Place the storages farther away from the edge, and surround some air defenses and archer towers around them. Two rockets from a lvl 8 air def + maybe a shot from an archer tower destroy the rocket of a lvl 1 Rocket Gob. This is same for lvl 9 air def and lvl 2 RG.


It isn't really value, as it is just direct damage, but you can get your loot easily. The rockets are fragile, but deal a lot of damage. It is a risky troop. It is also very strict on level, as the interactions will change when the level varies. Hope you consider this troop!