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Thread: Co- should not make co-

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    Co- should not make co-

    Yes There should only be one leader but it should be up to the leader to make a co-leader i think it's wrong for a co-leader to make a co-leader...i think all a co-leader's should only be able to do is to make people "elder" and kick people and start clan wars and that's is it...They shouldn't be able to change the description and trophies that's were trolling can happen.

    Tell me what you think..and thank for your time.

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    You'll probably find better responses in the Clan Talk subforum...

    When you promote someone to co-leader, you are entrusting them with some of your responsibilities. If you promote someone to Co-Leader, you are handing over many responsibilities of the clan to them, so you should trust them. If you believe that they will abuse their position and change the clan description or settings, then don't promote them. It's up to you on who you promote.

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    I myself believe that the Co capabilites in place are necessary for clans viability. Your leader is abducted by aliens, hospitalized in a coma, forced by significant other to give up the game, joins a cult where internet is forbidden, etc., etc., etc.. Then what?

    The problem is not the Co capabilities, it is rather some leaders place the wrong people into that position.
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    I like the way coleaders are set up, as-is. Our clan had one leader and a single coleader for years. Then a few more people were promoted over a long period of time—in our case unanimously approved by myself and all of the previous coleaders. I know that if something happens to me or my account for any reason, any one of those people will be able to take over or if they can’t, will work with the others to make a good choice for the clan.

    If someone does mess with things you don’t want changed, demote them or kick. If you have so many coleaders you don’t know which one it was who made unwanted changes and they won’t admit it, you’ve got too many coleaders (and as others have said, probably the wrong ones).

    I wouldn’t mind one more tier between member and elder bit that might be a slightly different topic. (I also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s on a “ruled out but maybe someday” list somewhere, lol.)

    Thanks TerM!

    I *still* need a new quote, though. Waiting for just the right one.

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