This is simply a thread to express your ideas for websites and/or apps that you would like to see in the future with x and x features and stuff. Though most importantly it's for developers to look at things people want most and hopefully inspire them and implement it into their own website. As a developer myself, looking through the forums one by one trying to figure out what features should be implemented can be quite painful. Regardless, let's move on: ME FIRST!

User Interfaces:
The first thing I look for in a website is it's user interface, how it looks is VERY important to me. If it's hard to navigate, then it's highly likely that I will not come back to your website unless you fix your UX Design. Of course there's some more meaningful than a fancy UI.


  • Base Reservation System - Preferably both automatic, and manual. (This way if automatic takes a while, we can manually update it)
  • TH Rusher Checker
    We can manually check this using the API. Though it's limited to troops only. So if a player is X TH we can check max level for X TH. Obviously if a person has recently upgraded, they would not have max troops. So we can check with Previous level TH if they're maxed there.

    E.g: TH8 has maxed level TH7 troops. NOT A TH Rusher.
    E.g: TH8 has neither maxed level TH7 troops or maxed TH8 troops. IS A TH Rusher.
  • Advanced Notification System

    Notification Setting => Remind 1 hour from End of War (Send SMS, Notification via APP, Discord)
    Notification Setting => Remind 2 hour from Start of War (Send SMS)

Well that was just example, so it was fairly simple.