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Thread: MYSTERY DERBY team task swap

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    MYSTERY DERBY team task swap

    Add a Swap button (cost 10 diamonds) for a player to set aside an unwanted task temporarily and put it up to be Swapped allowing that player to select another task from the board BUT that task will still count against the player's available task count UNntil it has actually been Swapped to another teammate.
    If a fellow teammate chooses to Swap their own unwanted task (also for diamonds) then that teammate could select any task that has already been put up asking to be Swapped. (It would cost diamonds to put up a task to be swapped and it would cost diamonds to select a task that is availabke to be swapped.)
    Once a task has been Swapped, that would remove it from the original players' tasks and count and it would be active on the selecting players'. Should no teammate select a task put up to be swapped, then when the original player gets to their final available task the task put up to be swapped but not chosen by anyone would be returned to the original player and become active. So, if Teammate A gets a task in the Mystery Derby he can't do or doesn't want to do, then he could put it up to be Swapped. IF Teammate B also has an unwanted task he, too could put his task up to be swapped. THen A and B could each select a task that shows as having already been put up to be swapped. A and B could end up with each other's tasks or a task that had been put up to be swapped by a different teammate.
    This fun element to the Mystery Derby would save tasks going undone and points being lost and would be a great opportunity for promoting teamwork within a neighborhood.
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