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Thread: Clan war leagues - base/clan progression

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    Clan war leagues - base/clan progression


    Growing your base and your clan are at the core of this game. When players decide not to move to the next town hall this game loses value. In the past we saw the war community stabilize at TH9 because TH10 was very much unbalanced. Forward 2-3 years later and the game we love is far more balanced. Mountains of active veteran players, including the war community, are heading towards MAX TH12.

    To further encouraging players to upgrade their bases and build their clans I propose a unique solution for CWL. Currently only 15v15 matches are allowed. This makes sense considering more then 86% of clans have at least 15 active members. However, this also causes a disadvantage to both upper leagues and lower leagues. Lower leagues have trouble getting good players into their Clans. And higher leagues, many with loaded clans, are stuck leaving good players on the sidelines. To help the flow of clan building become more natural I would reduce the war size of lower leagues and increase the size of higher leagues.

    bronze league 5vs5
    silver league 10vs10
    gold league 15vs15
    crystal league 20vs20
    masters league 25vs25
    champions league 30vs30

    This would allow new clans to participate in CWL and also encourage larger clans to move up in the leagues (upgrade their bases/armies) to get more players on the war map. I believe changes echoing the oneís suggested here will benefit player/clan progression and Supercellís bottom line.

    My clan is currently in silver league. In our first CWL only 4/8 clans put in a decent effort. The hardest clan we faced did better attacks but lost against us because they lost 3 lower members soon after CWL started. If we had a 10vs10 war they would have beat us easily. Many of these smaller clans gave up early because they had to rely on several unfamiliar players....7 days is a long time to wedge war with someone you just met. Also, Iíve learned from social media that many well established clans are benching players just so they can compete in CWL. Itís not fun being a cheerleader when youíve worked 2-3 years on a base and only the top 15 in your 40+ clan are doing 95% of the attacks. Something to think about

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    So people could always easily manipulate which League they are in by roster size, not only could 5 maxed 12s place themselves in Bronze intentionally, but they could stay there forever simply by not expanding their clan beyond those 5. And pity the clan of 40 where the highest is TH 9, what do they do?

    Your suggestion totally negates movement up and down based upon performance.
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