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    Your Loved Songs

    What is your favorit song?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jankko View Post
    What is your favorit song?
    jankko, welcome to the forum. Since your post is not game related I have asked that the moderators move this to the Off-Topic subforum.
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    What Momscar said and moved to correct subforum.

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    Hey Jankko!
    If you're a song buff, feel free to join us here!

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    Kashmere by Led Zeppelin and return to innocence by enigma

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    Hard to choose just one. The Rover by Led Zeppelin is always good though
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    It's hard to narrow down to just a favorite love song, so here's a list of my favorites.

    "People Will Say We're in Love"

    "Out of My Dreams"

    "If I Loved You"

    "Some Enchanted Evening"

    "Younger than Springtime"

    "We Kiss in a Shadow"

    What do these songs have in common? They were composed and written by the brilliant team of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein III.
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    The Patient by Tool
    Overkill by Motorhead
    Thunderstruck by AC/DC
    Hallowed be thy Name by Iron Maiden
    Her Ghost in the Fog by Cradle of Filth

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