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Thread: Demon Warthogs, the CWL clan for the little guy

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    I heard the sound of your bike as your wheels hit the gravel,
    Then your engine in the driveway cutting off.
    I pushed through the screen door, and stood out on the porch,
    Thinking "Fight, fight, fight at all costs!"
    But instead I let you in just like I've always done,
    Sat you down and offered you a beer.
    Then across the kitchen table I fired several rounds,
    But you were still sitting there when the smoke cleared.

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    You came crawling back to say
    You want to make good in the end.
    Oh, let me count the ways I abhor you
    You were never a good lay
    and you were never a good friend.
    Oh, oh what can I say? I adore you.

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    All I need is my leather, one t-shirt and two socks
    I'll keep my hands warm in your pockets
    and you can use the engine blocks.
    We'll ride out to California with my arms around your chest,
    and I'll pretend that this is real,
    'cause this is what I like best.

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    You've been juggling two women
    Like a stupid circus clown, and telling us both we are the one.
    Well maybe you can keep me from every being happy,
    But you're not going to stop me from having fun.

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    So let's go before I change my mind.
    Leave the luggage of all your lies behind,
    cause I am bigger than everything that came before.
    You were never very kind.
    You let me way down, every time.
    Oh what can I say? I adore you.

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    I heard the sound of your bike
    as your wheels hit the gravel,
    then your engine in the driveway cutting off.

    -Ani DiFranco

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    There's something subversive about you and me,
    cause there's a market value on love,
    and we're getting something for free.
    I don't know why but when we're apart,
    something makes me want to start
    setting fires and kicking down doors.
    I hope we never have to resort
    to dividing what is mine and what is yours.

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    There’s something coercive about the way some people smile.
    Wide open as if to say “Come on in and browse a while.”
    Sometimes when your resistance is low,
    Remember that I know
    Who’s your favourite Pogue.

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