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Thread: Gods of Wrath - American Adult clan seeking members!

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    Gods of Wrath - American Adult clan seeking members!

    Level 5 clan almost 6 Restarting. Current members are all Veterans, but all are welcome. #Y2RG8PC8

    We are aiming to create a tight knit group who loves to war and loves to win!

    Members are expected to be actively growing their town and maintain a 1:2 donation ratio. It goes without say that both war attacks are expected to be used. Participation in clan games is also required to ensure the clan can get the most from the rewards.

    We are not requiting any specific town hall levels at this time, all are welcome to join just be active and friendly while meeting set expectations. Once the clan gains more members, we will begin seeking more specific town hall levels to balance the clan out.

    We have a clan Discord to communicate to talk clan strategy available for all clan members. Abuse of discord or posting of any inappropriate content will result in immediate expulsion from the clan.

    If you are seeking a new clan to grow with, look no farther than Gods of Wrath! We look forward to growing and making new friends along the way. See you in game!!
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    Join up! 🇺🇸

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