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Thread: Looking for neighborhood

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    Looking for neighborhood

    Looking to join a neighborhood

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    New neighbourhood! BUSHBY - #PJ0V9829 -0 is a zero-
    -By order of the leader Fletchxo- Please come join me in my new neighbourhood and letís win some derby points. The leader, I, and a couple of neighbors want you to join us!! We arenít strict on derby, or anything.. want to come give us a try? Come check us out!!

    By the way, welcome to the Hay Day Sub forum Farmer!! So happy to see you!!

    - Storm
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    Hey I would love to have a new neighbor. Please check us out. Not stressful at all

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    “BigCoolPoca Farms”. We have a couple of members, just recently was created. However you must be ranked 32 or higher. We are competitive and derby focused but we won’t ask you to complete a certain amount of tasks. In our neighborhood the rule is simply 250+ tasks only. And depending on our league there is a certain goal for points. We help each other out with derby tasks as well so don’t feel like you’d be on your own. BigCoolPoca Farms also trades and is very active. We hope you join us! Note that the neighborhood name is very unique so you will find it just by searching the name!

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    Hi, Im in the search of a few good people to join my neighborhood. I've had the nh for alittle bit now and gotten some trophies, just never really recruited, so here I am. What I'm looking for is someone who is laid back, helpful, speaks English, and doesnt mind chatting. Derby isn't mandatory, but if you decide to play choose tasks 300 and above. I'll make you elder the second you join. That's all, no long list of rules. Let's build this nh together! Come check it out.
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