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Thread: Can someone give me a guide how to become pro?

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    Can someone give me a guide how to become pro?

    I'm th12 already but most of the time i only 2s th12 and 3s th11. I see a lot pro player attack th12 with a 3star success.

    Can someone give me a guide, site :

    1. How to scout
    2. How to know what troops composition will use in a enemy base
    3. How to lure cc in the center

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    1) ..... search for the easiest entrance?
    2) try to be proficient in a single attack strategy (e.g. loons or bowlers)
    3) don't do that, unless you're looning. I have a high 3-star rate with bowlers and I never lure the CC. There isn't enough time to do that.

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    Build armies
    practice with them
    learn from your mistakes
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    Learn new strategies and max your heroes asap

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