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Thread: Can someone give me a guide how to become pro?

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    Can someone give me a guide how to become pro?

    I'm th12 already but most of the time i only 2s th12 and 3s th11. I see a lot pro player attack th12 with a 3star success.

    Can someone give me a guide, site :

    1. How to scout
    2. How to know what troops composition will use in a enemy base
    3. How to lure cc in the center

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    1) ..... search for the easiest entrance?
    2) try to be proficient in a single attack strategy (e.g. loons or bowlers)
    3) don't do that, unless you're looning. I have a high 3-star rate with bowlers and I never lure the CC. There isn't enough time to do that.

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    Build armies
    practice with them
    learn from your mistakes
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    Learn new strategies and max your heroes asap

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    1) Learn to Funnel. troops need to get to the target zone(s) to get the target building(s).
    2) Learn an Air and a Land 'strike'.
    3) Learn your "Army of choice's" weaknesses in addition to its strengths. (so you know which base layout-types will be easy/difficult to attack; and when to switch. one army DOES NOT FIT ALL base types. know this. and trust. you cant force an army on every base, law'd know I have tried)
    4) learn the AQ Walk/Charge (see no 1 again)
    5) watch the replays. failure is a good teacher. and so is success. imitate/replicate success; learn from failures. if your rivals are throttling your team, learn WHY. watch every 3-star attack you can; for or against your team.


    do a "Smith" Ton of Friendly Challenges. I mean, make your clan put them up ALL the time, no matter the TH lvl, you should be mashing your clannies EVERY DAY Yo. it is essentially unlimited. so take advantage. EVERY DAY cuz! but especially before you attack when the 'lights are on' and it counts.

    this is a good start. the rest is 'on the job training'.

    Good Luck monn.
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