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Thread: Chosen ones | Lvl 14 Adult War Clan | Vikings, Vixens, WARS! | Clan tag: #8CUG8UCR

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    Chosen ones | Lvl 14 Adult War Clan | Vikings, Vixens, WARS! | Clan tag: #8CUG8UCR

    Our Clan Leader Freia is our goddess of love, fire and fury.
    She giveth, she taketh.
    Heed her or be cast into the underworld (or just out of this clan)!
    Who we are
    We are an International Adult Clan - founded in Denmark, but we have members from all over the world, e.g. India, Ireland, US, Qatar.

    We are a pretty familiy oriented clan - many of us play Clash to get a break from poopy diapers, Postman Bob, heated debates about whether one should wear boots when playing in the mud etc. So we clash for the fun of it and like to goof around and chat adult things. As we need to take care of all that poopy stuff, too, we understand when some members can't be online all the time or even for days. But - we would like to see you every day. Come by and say hi

    We are always 30-40 TH8-TH11, and 1 TH12 so far. Trophy range Silver to Titan.

    While we are not serious about a lot of things, we do back 2 back wars and take that somewhat serious - meaning we like to 3-star and win.

    Also, we like to max out our clan games - and do it usually pretty fast. So rewards are plenty.

    We also do participate in the new clan war leagues. We are placed in Crystal III at the moment.

    What are we looking for:
    We are on the lookout for avid attack players, who would like to do war with us.

    We are recruiting TH8+, no cup limit - but DON' T BE RUSHED. Seriously - why would you rush? It makes much more sense to max things and having maxed fun with it. No need to rush to new troops, when the old ones can be used in a variety of attacks.

    We donate what is requested and as timely as possible. Every member should donate at least 500 troopspace pr. season. Since we are a high lvl clan you can get most troops donated maxed - and you should not let low troop levels keep you from donating (for war only donate maxed troops though)

    Requirements for application:
    Minimum age is 17. Please state age, sex and nationality when you apply. When applying in here you also should state your TH lvl and AQ lvl and maybe your favourite attack strategy.

    Elder is earned:
    1) by keeping donations and requests somewhat balanced
    2) by contributing with >1000 points in 3 clan games
    3) doing 3 wars with both attacks each time.

    If you do not wish to do wars (or need to get your base & troops fixed up first) you can earn elder by contributing >1000 points in 6 clan games (and remember to donate etc.)

    How to join in war with us
    In order to get to war with us you have to

    1. not be rushed (troops, defences & heroes should at least be maxed according to previous TH lvl).
    2. complete 3 Friendly Challenges showing either the ability to 3 star a base similar to your own or the ability to learn it.
    3. download the app Band, where we ask for troops, post diagrams & screenshots, and tips for good strategy videos. But mostly we just share dirty jokes or our sad life stories ;D

    Rules for war:
    No heroes - no war. Find that red Opt-out-button - and use it if you are not sure you or hour Heroes can make it for those 2 attacks.
    We war for stars, not for loot. Sniping bases for personal gain is not allowed. In each war, leaders (mostly the goddess herself) devise a strategy for the first attacks (first 12 hrs). It is possible to claim bases though, then we work something out. If you don't know how or who to attack - ask.

    Learning and advice:
    We are happy to teach and advise on attack strategies. A lot of us use attacks like valks, witch-slap, witch-bowler, but some also do queen walks and loon based attacks.

    As we always say: You can say d...., but don't be one. Keep the vibe friendly and bring your sense of humour. After all, it is a game, right

    You can send request in COC (Clan tag: #8CUG8UCR) or here by replying on this thread.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
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    Hey there! Knock knock. Come by for the league wars. Or for anything. Cheers

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    Hello! Still on the lookout. Come by!

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    The bump of the day! Horray!

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    Fresh Spawn
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    Nov 2018
    Looking to join up! Cant seem to request in CoC however.
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    The bumpiest bump so far!

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    Hi I would like to join. Im 42 Irishman

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