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Thread: Confirming Royal level for TH9

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    in my sig you will find a link to an info booklet
    free download
    it contains all that kind of information, and it is updated regularly.

    Have Fun

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    2014 Review-Video , Free download, printable stats booklet

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedcliffChopper View Post
    Just wanted to confirm that royal level for TH 9 is 30?

    ive been maxed for several weeks now at TH 9, with exception of royals. King is 24 and Queen 23. Just bought one of those specials and picked up 400,000 dark e, and upgrading as I speak. But with gold maxed and E maxed plus the extra I collected buying that special deal for de, seems like the time to make the jump to TH 10.

    Much better de farming at th10 due to more dead th10 bases in your matchmaking queue with that third drill. Id make the jump in your position.

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    Whether you're maxed out defence/offence or not, I'd suggest making the jump to 10 anyhow. Loot is much better and you'll get attacked much less in lower leagues. 10 is a decent level to max out at, 9 is not that fun anymore, plus at 10 you can get Wreckerzzzz!

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    jump to TH10 straightaway.
    as a general piece of advice, if its not your first account, i recommend skipping EVERY th lvl and go straight to TH10.

    when you hit TH10, you will regret how much time you wasted at the lower TH lvls lol.
    dont worry, things only get easier, the "grind" at TH10 is a joke simply because its so easy that its nonexistent as long as you are decently active. i would bet that you struggle to empty your storages most of the time

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