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Thread: Bug with the siege machine, get stuck if it get to a pekka statue :)

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    Bug with the siege machine, get stuck if it get to a pekka statue :)

    As headline, if siege machine get to a pekka status it get stuck and doesn't move, i guess its a bug .

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    It’s a bug that’s been around since the day the th12 update dropped. It was supposed to be fixed in the CWL update but was not. Hopefully they figure it out soon and get it fixed for good!

    edit: It’s not just the Pekka statue but any obstacle and sometimes walls as well! Just adding this because I don’t want you to go tell all your clan mates to go buy the Pekka statue. Lol!
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    In the great wise words of our great overlord community manager...

    We know this is an issue. We have been brainstorming how to handle this situation. We will be releasing information for the fix in a few months. Don't take my word for it though, it may be delayed further. Who knows really? Anyways, we're working on it. Eventually, at some point, we'll release details of how we may approach it.
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    I don't know if this is just a wacky coincidence (and it probably is, LOL); but we were doing some Friendly Challenges in our clan in preparation for an upcoming war not too long ago. I switched base designs, and my clan mate started his attack. His siege machine got "stuck" in the same place where my TownHall was from the previous design.

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