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Thread: Looking for an active Clan!

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    Looking for an active Clan!

    I was heavily into this game about 2/3 years ago and I have just started a new game so my account is only TH4.
    But I am looking to join an active clan with good support!
    (I’m trying to recover one of my old accounts and if I manage to I will let you know and join with that account!)

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    Hello my friend, you can join our clan. We are level 12 clan, going on wars non-stobbably. Participating in clan games to the full and war leagues. Many active people and fun.

    Clan name: boblet aNd blub

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    Click on my signature link for more information about our clan.
    Just a question, which country/continent are you from?

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    Check out Orange County Level 11 #99JJRP82. Adult Farm Clan/Casual War. Relaxed mature environment. Farm/Clan game/Chilled/Break from war/Upgrade base etc. No Kids. No Drama. We war once a week. This is Wichita family clan of 4 discord server you are welcome to swing by and chat with us. Mention Muoi sent you or from forum in request to join. Have a great day!!!!!

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    你們 Gota Nxr
    Although we are a relatively new clan (LEVEL 4), we do have a tight-knit group of players who love to war who are loyal and trustworthy throughout. Our war record is currently 12-2-1.
    We are mainly based in the U.S, while others are from different countries. We max out CG's in almost a day, and are top 3 in our league for CWL. I am trying to make this as simple as possible: If you are willing to join, please contact me through either of these --

    Discord: Jamess#4042
    Line: highqualitycoc
    Kik: BballPhantom

    Clan Tag:
    High Quality (HQ) || Level 144|| TH 9.5 || Royals - BK: 26 AQ: 40

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    We're a set of two very active, international and solely English-speaking clans. The leader is very experienced in leading clans and we're looking for active, non-rushed members to join our clans. We war every day, max the clan games, and donate & chat frequently. To participate in wars, the messaging app 'Discord' is required to help us easily coordinate players and help develop players who need assistance with their attack strategies.

    A promotion to elder is mostly earned by showing dedication and activity in multiple areas, such as wars, the clans games, donations, and chat. A promotion to co-leader is earned by showing the same things as elder, though typically to a larger extent, as well as showing a leadership role in the clan, whether it's by helping others with their attacks, giving reasonable advice to the current leaders, helping to recruit new, active members to the clan, or any other way that you can help the clan grow and become better.

    We have two clans. The name of our main clan is Yoshi Island, the clan tag is #20LCQ2CR8, and the leader of the clan is Yoshi. To join this clan you must be at least th9. The name of our new sister clan is Yoshi Village, the clan tag is #22JQYOLOQ, and the leader of the clan is Slqckz. Members joining this clan should be th9 or lower. Please specify that you are joining from this recruitment post when you join, and remember to keep having fun!

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    In a lvl 10 clan
    Cloud Avengers
    Est: 9/04/2018
    Location: UK and international

    *We reach the top tier in clan games EVERY time!

    About us!
    We are an Adult, organised, English speaking, Level10, war clan. We created this clan at 9th April 2018 using experienced game players which are based around the world and players are always on! . We keep a relaxed atmosphere but we are all serious about winning that’s looking for some friendly, active, & mature members that will make a great addition to our team! The members we have are loyal, friendly, helpful, & very entertaining. We war every day, We do take our wars seriously,

    The Type of players we are looking for
    We are recruiting adult clashers that are dependable, war focused, loyal, and understand this game. We want active teammates that enjoy this great game and want to be part of a relaxed but competitive team while developing their bases and learning 3star strategies. We allow teammates opt out for any reason but expect those opted in to use every war attack.

    Clan Rules
    New members missing both attacks will be booted. *Read all clan mail. *All good team-mates donate but Donate only what is requested.REQUIREMENTS/RULES
    1·Speak English
    2·We are an adult clan
    3·No rushed bases
    4·Be respectful and treat others as you would be treated
    5·NO hoppers. We are looking for members who will stick with us through thick & thin.
    6·We are looking for active members, if you neglect your base for a length of time, unfortunately we will have to kick you.
    7·NO drama, we don’t like the drama, we like to all get along & keep the atmosphere cool. Disrespect is not tolerated.
    8. Be responsive in chat if u are online then speak up! (We don't like inactive people in our clan).
    9. If you asked to participate in war, complete your war attacks on time.
    10. Try to be active as much as you can.
    11. Donation ratio 1:2
    12.�� Clan Games always completed.
    13.�� Farm anywhere or Push, it’s all supported
    14.�� Wars 24/7
    15.�� War engineered bases welcome
    16.�� Be active and have fun
    17.��Thank by name, donate requested
    war is optional but we always war
    ��Cloud Avengers TH 10-11-12 wanted
    Strong TH11s to fully maxed TH11s and new TH12s in the clan, plenty of experience in the clan.
    45k trophies, Level 10 clan
    Heroes L50+, GW L20+

    Clan league-Champions league3
    Clan Tag:#VVQJ8V9R
    If we sound like a clan that is right for you come check us out and Welcome to the clan. We will check out your base and profile when you apply in game, and don't forget to mention from coc forums.

    Be great to have you on board


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    Prism is a LEVEL 12 clan and Master League 1 CWL (we smashed it). International, however mostly USA/UK, mixed gender and most importantly ADULT ONLY. We are usually maxed out with players, so I’m regularly cleaning out inactive accounts and recruiting only the best players so the clan stays alive.

    DKA “Red Squad” is our LEVEL 6 feeder clan, for mini accounts, rushed accounts and beginners, we max clan games here and we offer CWL for anyone who doesn’t make our top 18 cut in Prism. We rotate the bonus’s so the top 9 players from each clan will receive rewards one month and the bottom half the following.

    We are a competitive group and winning is important, but we enjoy the game rather than take it too seriously. We chat a lot and to war we’ve made joining our KIK group mandatory, discord is optional. Donations are never left hanging and we always friendly challenge for practise, after all there’s always room for improvement.

    We ALWAYS achieve MAX tier on clan games usually within 48 hours, we’d require you to do your best to help towards this.

    We war constantly but you can opt in/out as and when you can/cannot war. No war pressure, no angry messages over bad attacks (after all it is just a game) - just follow the war plan and use both attacks accordingly.

    Rules? We are looking for English speaking, loyal and fairly active players who donate troops, pull their weight in clan games (if they want to receive the rewards) and follow war directions.

    If we sound like the right clan for you, just mention ‘Lea in forums’ upon joining, or add me as a friend and I will invite you if you fit the criteria.

    My tag #2RQ9VUPV2
    Prism #8YC8PP88
    Red squad #GOP9JPYG

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