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Thread: TH12 looking for Clan War League clan

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    Erethizon -- we could use you, give us a look ... NOVA OZ FC. #2YLOGYCO. we are a Reddit Clan System (RCS) verified clan. international. war constantly. Level 16 clan with same leadership for 4 years. We won our first CWL 7-0 and moved up to Crystal 1. we could use a couple more 11s and 12s for this next round. we are no drama. mix of TH12s - TH9s. we just get the job done. lifetime war record is 435-192-8

    We have several league tournament level players, we have participated in EWL, MLCW, and CWL (the league CWL). we are war-first, and as a part of RCS, participate in several other reddit tournaments and activities.

    We use discord -- QrQFvmh.

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    We use discord for communication, a community social network, for information sharing, player support, youtube videos, war calling/planning and more.


    TH9 LVL 15 HEROES +| TH10 LVL 30 +| TH11 LVL 45 AQ 40 KING 10 GW +| TH12 LVL 50\50\20

    Check Us Out HERE or Facebook, Discord, YouTube and Twitter

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    Enigmatic Koala #9UYVOUYC
    majority US based.

    LVL 15 War Clan, approaching 400 war wins.

    We war back to back, If you want to sit out, go red. If you want in, green. you know the routine.
    We max all clan games.
    7-0 in first CWL, Crystal I
    This is a relaxed group that is focused on winning. no websites, no fancy graphics, no b*s chat requirements.

    This is a good group and active clan. We have a solid core of experienced players

    if you want to check us out, come for a visit. no hard sell. if you like it, stay. If not, stay until you find a new home.

    IGN Michael Westen #L9OPCOPO

    Good Luck!

    Quote Originally Posted by erethizon View Post
    I'm a level 227 nearly maxed TH12. I generally get over 10k donations per season and currently have 86,940 points toward clan games.

    I'm looking for a new clan because my current clan has decided not to participate in Clan War Leagues. I'm looking for a non-stop war clan of 30 or more people that will participate in all of the Clan War Leagues. My current clan is level 19 and ideally I'd like to find a clan near that (so I know they really are a non-stop war clan), but I can take anything that is at least 10.

    I'm understanding if the clan is not the best at war (winning isn't everything), but I do want a clan that participates in all the wars it can, does all the clan war leagues (since that is what I am leaving for), and always gets all the rewards in every clan games.

    I've never missed a war attack in 4 years of playing clash and always get the maximum points in every clan games. I'm happy to donate even the most expensive troops and siege items in unlimited supply and am fine with using the most expensive armies in every war attack since cost is not a consideration. Clans that take war seriously or clans that just farm them for resources are both fine with me since I've already done all my old achievements and don't need loot. I really just want to get Clan War Leagues rewards and work on that achievement.

    Looking forward to clashing with you!

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    We will be searching for CWL after our current war is finished. Battle day starts later tonight so there's still plenty of time. Come check us out!

    RAVENS #2QVVP89V Level 15

    We take war seriously, and ourselves lightly.

    Ravens is looking for war focused, active, family friendly, mature, English speaking players. We operate on North American time zones.

    Our wars: We war constantly including CWL and want regular participation, but members may opt in/out for any in game or real life reason. Opting out with heroes down is required. We are recruiting balanced bases and people that have demonstrated competency in war at the level the clan needs. Wars start in the evenings, North American time zone.

    Our Members: Members are active and mature in game, ranging from TH12 to TH9. Our members are generous donators and frequently practice with friendly challenges at these TH levels.

    Our Leaders: Leaders foster a positive, constructive, welcoming, and drama free environment.

    Mention the forums in your request to join.

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    If you haven't jumped to a new clan yet after finishing your war attacks, you can consider ours. Smolson is always happy to welcome another forumer.
    Alpha and Omega (#PVUQR2UL) Location: USA
    TH12: 60/60/30 TH12: 38/53/30 TH11: 40/40/20 TH9: 16/16
    Always looking for more to join clan and help out with clan games. We've only missed one reward out of all games, come help us so it doesn't happen again. Be sure to mention forums in your join request, or you're deemed a dirty spy and rejected.

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    Hi friend—

    If you’re interested in warring, check out Last to Resorts (#8J20LRJQ). We’re a level 17 adult war clan based in the U.S., with a number of international players. We do back-to-back wars and have no problem hitting the top tier in clan games.

    We’re looking for like-minded clashers with a strong sense of team play. If that describes you, stop by for a visit and get to know us.

    We have new members do FCs upon acceptance, so it’d be great if you had heroes up and a war army ready.

    Please mention this forum post in your request to join in. Thanks, and clash on!

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    Hey we are a fresh clan looking for a solid Th 12. We are US based adult clan that wars back to back. We are layed back as we dont yell at people for failed attacks we just ask for both attacks to be used. We do like to win so when people dont get both attacks in or when they ignore one of the leaders when asked to attack a certain target and they dont thats when they get the boot.

    We are in desperate need of a Th 12 for siege machines and wouldnt mind getting you in war!

    Come check us out! #282L0Q0JQ clan name It's a Trap!

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    The Spiral group consists of 3 clans:

    1. SpiralStaircase #JUG8ULVR (currently spaces)
    If you are a high level clasher who enjoys teaching or you are new to the game and wanting to learn attack strategy and how to war this is the clan for you. We value non-rushed bases but all town hall levels are welcome. The clan is now well established with a solid sense of team work. We are a level 11 clan.
    We are a relaxed and friendly clan that is a supportive learning environment with lots of laughs along the way. No drama here.

    Currently Crystal League 2 in the Clan War Leagues

    Request to enter SpiralStaircase #JUG8ULVR : mentioning you are from the forum when you send your request to join. An elder or co leader will accept you.

    2. staircase2 #RQRG82R2 (currently no spaces)
    Staircase2 is a relaxed clan and a good place to get used to war. Really good experience if you are new to the game and would like a gentle introduction to war. Staircase2 is a level 7 clan currently. We have a well established co leader team here and a really good bunch of elders and members.

    Currently Gold League 2 in the clan war leagues

    Request to enter staircase2 #RQRG82R2: mentioning you are from the forum in your request and an elder or co leader will let you in.

    3. Do’URden #222LRQQ8QDo'URden is a sleeping clan. This is for people who won't be active for a significant time who don't want to leave our group. They are welcome to rest their account there and rejoin one of the other clans in the group once active again.

    General information about spiralstaircase and staircase2 :
    If you are a high level clasher who enjoys teaching or you are new to the game and wanting to learn attack strategy and how to war these are the clan for you. We value non-rushed bases but all town hall levels are welcome. The clans are now well established with a solid sense of team work.
    We are a relaxed and friendly clan group that is a supportive learning environment with lots of laughs along the way. No drama here.

    We are encouraging loads of friendly challenges so we can all practice on each other's bases and get tips and advice on how to attack in wars and in farming. Donations and requests are encouraged. The aim is to try to keep a healthy balance between the two. Taking CC troops is always useful in raids as well as war especially when practising attacks.

    We have a solid co-leader team and have created a BAND to communicate well. This enhanced communication allows us to share attack strategy links and videos, is a place to share ideas and promote events within the clans and general clash of clans news. The use of band allows us to communicate across both clans and we can facilitate troop support from both clans for war. Use of BAND is optional of course but is encouraged.

    For those wishing to war, we war three times a week. During war the expectaction is that all members included in the war use both attacks, follow the war plan (sent in clan mail prior to each war) and take cc troops with them in each attack. As a group we appreciate that achieving 3 stars is not always easy in war and it is totally okay if 3 stars aren't achieved, however clan mate respect is essential, so not showing in war is a no go! If you are busy and can't war that is fine, just use your opt in and opt out of war button as you wish. On occasion we facilitate friendly interclan wars between spiralstaircase and staircase2 and these can be fun, and an excellent way for lower townhall levels to practice war in a fun and non pressured way.

    Clan games within the clans have been a success and we have reached the final tier as a group at each event.

    As a group we frequently arrange interclan events. We recently did a themed town hall level war tournament, Wars specific to a specific town hall level. We completed our own builder base tournament and an interclan Goblin loot competition. Great fun and loads of laughs! New ideas to make our gaming experience more fun and interesting are welcomed and different members are encouraged to lead on their ideas if they wish.

    Promotions are earned over time, taking into consideration activity, donations, advice given, and commitment to the clan. Once promoted you will hold that promotion throughout the clan group. It is not clan specific. Clan mates are welcome to visit both clans in the group as long as there is space available.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you to our clan family!

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    Sent you a pm

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    A Looters Bliss (Adult Clan) *14 win streak Rank Master 1

    A Looters Bliss (Adult Clan)
    14 win streak and Rank Master 1
    Looking for Active TH12s to join for CWL.
    No pressure

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