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I'm a level 227 nearly maxed TH12. I generally get over 10k donations per season and currently have 86,940 points toward clan games.

I'm looking for a new clan because my current clan has decided not to participate in Clan War Leagues. I'm looking for a non-stop war clan of 30 or more people that will participate in all of the Clan War Leagues. My current clan is level 19 and ideally I'd like to find a clan near that (so I know they really are a non-stop war clan), but I can take anything that is at least 10.

I'm understanding if the clan is not the best at war (winning isn't everything), but I do want a clan that participates in all the wars it can, does all the clan war leagues (since that is what I am leaving for), and always gets all the rewards in every clan games.

I've never missed a war attack in 4 years of playing clash and always get the maximum points in every clan games. I'm happy to donate even the most expensive troops and siege items in unlimited supply and am fine with using the most expensive armies in every war attack since cost is not a consideration. Clans that take war seriously or clans that just farm them for resources are both fine with me since I've already done all my old achievements and don't need loot. I really just want to get Clan War Leagues rewards and work on that achievement.

Looking forward to clashing with you!
Take a look of our clan space lizard
Clan tag #8YYPYPUC our war log is open u can check it out