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Thread: Make Christmas Decorations Available Sooner!!

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    Make Christmas Decorations Available Sooner!!

    I love decorating my farm for Christmas!! But the decorations aren't made available until the middle of december!?! PLEASE PLEASE consider making them available right after thanksgiving!

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    Totally agree!! I have my farm as decorated for Winter & Christmas as i can right now using what i was able to get last year. Would love to be able to get more decorations asap.

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    I agree as well! Would buy more if it was worth it and could decorate further in advance!

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    Middle of December?! NO Please! I’ve already started decorating for the holidays and I am in hopes many of last year decos return this year. I was on a boredom break and missed many awesome decorations, kicking myself now.

    Ive always hated the delay in holiday deco releases so I decorate early and leave them up for ages! My carousel is a permanent fixture and my favorite of them all. I’m dying for the gingerbread house!!! Please SC, bring on the holiday cheer

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