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Thread: Clan to Clan communication

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    Clan to Clan communication

    How about adding the ability to send messages direct to friends who are in other clans?
    Anybody else think it's a good idea?

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    This in game mail system was suggested many times - I wish they would overhaul the entire communication system in the game... 100 lines of chat is awful.. but I expect they have a lot of legal storage problems where they have to keep a record of every last thing said in the game for X number of months before it can be deleted from cache - usa rules enforced globally in many cases to prevent criminal activity - this may be one factor that would prevent them from wanting MORE communication - having more data they have to store.. not sure.

    The easiest fix --is to tie the game into the forums properly so that all game members can be tied to a forum account -then communication can take place HERE outside of the game in a proper setting.

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