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Thread: RGCxCLAN Need Active War Members

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    RGCxCLAN Need Active War Members

    This clan is solid so far. Ranks are earned from war and being active. We need members for our first war. We have a solid clan base right now and need it to get up there. Join this clan and help us build from the ground up. Be apart of a team and help others who need it. Do not donate wrong. Be respectful. Listen to what the co leaders have to say. We need loyal members. I can't promise a clan that will come out on top every war and I cant promise that this clan will be the best. But your effort and your dedication will determine whether or not this clan is the greatest. Being the greatest isn't determined by winning every time or having the most members, its about giving it your all and make the best out of a horrible situation. That's all I have. I'll leave with this, I cant make you join, but your efforts make it all. I am a leader and I will lead you in the right direction. I stand here with my hand out. You going to leave it hanging?

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    RGCxCLAN New Clan Need Active Players

    Clan has 16 members. Let's keep it up. Join to help build this clan from the ground up and be apart of a team.

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